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Have You Gone Nuts?


Remember these "Got Milk?" ads from the 90's & 2000's that made calcium so compelling? Unfortunately, milk drinking is not so simple (especially if you're lactose intolerant). 

Do you drink milk?

What type?

  1. Whole
  2. Raw
  3. Skim
  4. Almond
  5. Soy
  6. Coconut
  7. Pea
  8. Oat
  9. Rice
  10. Cashew 
  11. Goat
  12. Sheep
  13. Buffalo
  14. Cow?


I've limited dairy since my 20s (after finding a correlation to my severe acne). For years I've been drinking oat milk in...

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Get Hot & Detox!


I proudly set up a payment plan for this far infrared sauna called the Sunlighten Solo. 


Aside from the obvious body warmth, research shows other benefits include:

  • Detox
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Reducing inflammation
  • (Added bonus: Your child can build a fort...
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Get Cleaner/ Greener Laundry ♻️


 If you're trying to:

  • Detox your life, and
  • "Help save the planet"

It can feel overwhelming and insurmountable. So it feels good to find easy & OBVIOUS ways to do both. Example: Biodegradable laundry sheets! I gladly switched

From these BIG bottles . . . 

Placeholder Image

  To these simple sheets . . . 

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What's Your Type?

My Google search for "Flexibility Training" - brought me to Bob Cooley, aka "The Genius of Flexibility."

For 50+ years, Bob has been developing a unified healing system that is truly unique, transformational, and endlessly fascinating. His approach correlates: 

  1. Resistance stretching with 
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Meridians
  3. Organs/ muscles/ tissue AND
  4. Personality types - which he refers to as "16 Geniuses" - eloquently described in the video below . ....
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"Should I Vax, or Should I Go?"

Vaccinations can be a controversial topic But they effect us all, so we should learn to hear each other's views. Whether that's: 

  1. An inflammation scientist in my dance class told me the flu is on a STEEP rise this year, and she's a huge fan of the flu vaccine, or ...
  2. The Weston Price Foundation released this quiz about vaccinations (which I'm keen to fact-check)

Personally I hadn't gotten the shot in many years, because I remember it...

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Entrepreneurship 101

This summer I helped my daughter London, and her cousin Raio learn a few basics about starting a business. We had FOUR lemons in the house, so decided to turn lemons ... into cash. How? 

(Pre) Sales:

Have a vision 

Find motivation

Get in action (preferably with a friend, or team)

Create a QUALITY product (in this case, FRESH / organic lemonade)

Whenever possible, use materials you already own

 Always make it with LOVE 

(During) Sales:

Find a good location...

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Dry Scalp?

I'm going DEEPER into the "wellness" theme, to simplify & purify life - from the inside out, and from head to toe. For example - when's the last time YOU thought of the hair follicles on your SCALP?

(Never? Oh right ... there's SKIN on my HEAD, needing TLC too!) 







I recently learned of the "Japanese Head Spa" treatment, that claims to:

  1. Remove oil and product build-up 
  2. Exfoliate dead skin/ ...
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Feel Pressure to FIND A JOB!?

Remember that FIRST summer after graduation ... that internal pressure to "GET A JOB!"  I was asked to join this panel of career coaches to advise a recent graduate - and offered these insights - which apply to ALL of us:

  • 11:15 - "Think globally, but act locally
  • 16:42 - Take initiative to share your voice 
  • 21:17 - Watch your mind  (and what you tell yourself) 
  • 40:27 - My #1 recommendation is to ... (CLICK...
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Where Balance Begins

If you experience imbalance in your body, it could be generating from... your FEET.


I recently felt discomfort in my left foot. So I found a shoe store with an Aetrex Foot Scanner - which "combines 3D imaging, machine learning and precise sensor technology to capture data," assessing how we distribute our weight.


I stepped on the scanner, and adjusted my sweatpants for the cameras. (Apparently my Care Bear socks did not...

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Does Your Fascia Need Smoothing!?

A friend of mine recently told me about The "Fascia Blaster" - invented by Ashley Black to smooth the body's fascia, that can get tight, bunched, and appear dimpled. (As seen in the diagram below, from AshleyBlackGuru.com)

Curious, I researched a bit more about Ashley's "business origin story." In short, Ashley was using her prototypes to help athletes with sports injures, and soon discovered that they also helped smooth the appearance of cellulite... (So while it has...

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