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"Whole-istic insights" on wellness, career & service.

Know What You REALLY Need?

There's a belief that businesses should "sell you what you WANT - but give you what you NEED." And I confess I mainly focused on the first part of that equation - (helping you improve your resume, and orchestrate a confident career transition)... 

But I believe what you (we all) REALLY need goes well beyond a better resume, new job, fancier title, or bigger paycheck (although of course those can be very fun!) What we NEED is to...

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Set Better Boundaries

Do you feel it too? … That nagging need to evolve, improve, and be challenged? That constant desire to be somewhere else, and be some one else. Most of us experience this. But when’s the last time you stopped to get clear about what your ideal life would look like NOW?

For example, ask yourself:

  • How would I like to spend my time?
  • Who do I want to spend my time with?
  • What tasks would I complete?
  • Who would I help?

Clients work with me to get clear on questions like this, and to...

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