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Digital Productivity


Cure Your Digital Pain

There seems to be no escaping modern technology. Whether ordering groceries, filling out forms for the government, or trying to schedule a simple teleconference . . . we're asked to interact with screens, platforms, software, and systems.

Some of us may choose to ignore it, avoid it, or even "live off the grid." Whereas others, Like Thomas McGonagle (a Solutions Architect at Armory.io), choose to learn how to manage and leverage technology to...

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The Gig Economy

Imagine: It's Monday again... Are you excited for the work-week ahead? Or do you feel stuck, trapped, and plotting your escape??

In this episode of Whole U.® TV, author Diane Mulcahy, shares an Exit Strategy from her book "The Gig Economy"...

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Whole U. Masterclass: The Gig Economy - Featuring Diane Mulcahy 


At long last! Society is realizing that the “typical” 9-5 office job is not the ONLY option to build a successful career. Creative job seekers are recognizing that there are other routes to fulfillment - namely “The Gig Economy” - which allows people to: 

  • Find outlets to express other talents
  • Capitalize on passions and skills 
  • Build additional/ multiple streams of income
  • Impact the world more deliberately 
  • Have more freedom

To learn more, the...

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