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Being proactively peaceful?


Across the country, hundreds of college students are protesting war. I remember finishing university when 9/11 happened, and wanting to do something proactive - (yet peaceful). So I: 

  1. Visited 7 countries in the Middle East & North Africa (Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Israel, and Palestine) to get a first-hand understanding, beyond what I consumed through mainstream media.
  2. Completed a "World Peace Fellowship," and ...
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The TRUTH About NETWORKING 💼 (Hint = it's who you REALLY know)

If “NETWORKING” feels like a CHORE . . . Then beware of playing the numbers game of: Mixers attended Business cards collected, and Linkedin connections accrued This Whole U.® Book Review reminds us of what REALLY matters. Hear about John C. Maxwell's book - Relationships 101 - in which he outlines 5 signs of solid relationships, and how they can help us "reach our fullest potential.”

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