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The Gig Economy

Imagine: It's Monday again... Are you excited for the work-week ahead? Or do you feel stuck, trapped, and plotting your escape??

In this episode of Whole U.® TV, author Diane Mulcahy, shares an Exit Strategy from her book "The Gig Economy"...

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Whole U. Masterclass: The Gig Economy - Featuring Diane Mulcahy 


At long last! Society is realizing that the “typical” 9-5 office job is not the ONLY option to build a successful career. Creative job seekers are recognizing that there are other routes to fulfillment - namely “The Gig Economy” - which allows people to: 

  • Find outlets to express other talents
  • Capitalize on passions and skills 
  • Build additional/ multiple streams of income
  • Impact the world more deliberately 
  • Have more freedom

To learn more, the...

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