Frequently Asked Questions

"What sets Whole U. apart from other career advisors?"


Whole U. is for job seekers (from every industry and career level) who want to develop their professional brand, and find more meaningful work. Our unique approach includes a proprietary 5-step "Career Development Program." This process (available via an online course and/or with customized advising), will help you:

  1. Clarify your goals
  2. Identify your skills, strengths, and purpose
  3. Enhance your professional tool kit (resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile)
  4. Communicate your value proposition with confidence
  5. Develop connections and network effectively

Pricing is clearly listed on each service page: 

You will see that we provide options for every budget (e.g. online courses start at $49). After completing an online course, you may wish to incrementally "upgrade" - to include additional services and/ or individual advising sessions. 

There are clearly forces beyond our control. But there ARE things you can control - including how you care for your self, and others. Now more than ever, your strengths are needed to make our world a healthier, smarter, and more equitable place for ALL.

  • Whole U. will help you gain clarity, confidence and connections to pursue your life's work, AND live a balanced purposeful life.
  • Foremost, this will require an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive attitude. 
  • You will stand out if/ when you clearly articulate your alignment with the role and company you're applying to. 
  • We will help you find the right words to convey your "value proposition." (Often, "less is more.")
  • We prioritize the QUALITY of your applications - (not the QUANTITY!)


Whole U. advising sessions focus on: 

  1. Work/ Life Balance

  2. Job Search & Goal Setting 

  3. Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  4. LinkedIn & Networking
  5. Confident Communication & Interviewing
  6. Image & Professional Brand
  7. Service & Legacy
  • Whole U. advising sessions are customized to meet clients' personal and professional goals.
  • We value the importance of work/life balance
  • We encourage you to reflect deeply to discover your true passions as you journey to pursue your life’s work. 

Client results vary: some get jobs during the process. Others may take longer. Whole U. is not a headhunter or placement firm, therefore cannot guarantee a new job. However, we will:

  1. Help you network whenever possible
  2. Guarantee to help you gain more clarity, confidence and connections in your life and career.
  3. Maintain an alumni network, through which we continue to help clients connect with  resources, including staffing agencies. 

You can read testimonials from clients who express their high level of satisfaction with the process: 

The Whole U. team strives to stay connected with clients and continues to develop an active Alumni Network - providing further resources well after their initial Whole U. program has ended. This includes: 

  • A LinkedIn group with 160+ members
  • Alumni spotlights and interviews
  • Connection to staffing agencies and other networks. 
  • An option to join a monthly membership with ongoing support/ opportunities

For all of our services that include an advising session, you will be taken to the calendar AFTER you purchase the service.

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