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To Pursue Your Life's Work?

To Pursue Your Life's Work?


This 5 step program has helped HUNDREDS of

mission-driven career seekers, like you!


You will ...



Step 1.

Get immediate access to online career course

Step 2.

View video tutorials and complete insightful exercises

Step 3.

Attend 2 group advising calls with Shannon O'Brien 

Shannon will help you:


(1) Create Your Career Vision (Gain clarity, assess work-life balance, determine values, write ideal job)

(2) Identify Your Skills & Strengths (Articulate interests & passions, career purpose, build confidence)

(3) Develop Your Professional Branding Materials (Select a job, identify job alignment [Keywords for ATS], write a strong cover letter, enhance your resume)

(4) Improve Your Online Brand (Articulate value proposition, enhance your LinkedIn profile), and

(5) Develop a Networking Strategy (The truth about networking, interview mastery).

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