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This program will help you:

(1) Clarify your goals

(2) Assess your strengths and skills 

(3) Look Good on paper 

(4) Communicate with confidence

(5) Network Effectively

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Advising Client

Christian M.

(Tokyo, Japan)

"Working with Whole U.® has been one of the best things that has happened to my career. Within a month of meeting Shannon, I was able to transform my life and business significantly. She is an excellent listener, finds out who you are inside, and helps you stay on track to achieve monumental tasks."

Career Program Client:

Lauren J. (Boston, USA)

"Before Whole U.® came into my life, I spent over four years on a seemingly endless journey looking for answers to what I was truly passionate about. Over the course of the five sessions, Whole U.® gave me the creative skills, and most importantly, the confidence to believe that I can turn the life I envision into reality."                   

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