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"Working with Whole U. helped me set up a road map to reach my goal. I learned how to: write a 21st-century resume, re-do my LinkedIn page, and I learned (again) that there's no time like the present to start the first step toward my goal. I really appreciate the holistic approach to Whole U. advising services."


"Whole U. helped me stay productive during the pandemic. Shannon was a breath of fresh air, and one of the best listeners I've come across. Her program was customized to my current career needs, and not just an "out of the box" solution. I really felt like Shannon genuinely cared about me, and my journey. I appreciate her responsiveness and creative approach. I think many people long for validation in their thoughts and career direction, but maybe don't know how to articulate what they’re looking for . . . That's really what Shannon provided for me in these sessions: a feeling of validation and confidence."

Corporate Event Manager (

During the pandemic, we have discounted services (up to 50% off) to support people whose livelihoods have been affected.




✓  Initial Strategy Call

✓  Online Course

✓  Whole U. Insights (Monthly Mailing)

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Pre-work + 1 Session with Shannon

  Online Course *

✓  Resume edits

✓ Cover letter edits

✓  1 Advising call with Shannon to:

- Review & finalize materials

- Discuss LinkedIn/ Networking 

✓  Whole U. Alumni Network Membership

✓  Whole U. Insights (Monthly Mailing)

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Pre-Work + 2 Sessions with Shannon

✓  Initial Strategy Call

✓  Online Course

✓  2 Advising Calls with Shannon: 

(1) Clarify ideal job, values, strengths & skills

(2) Enhance Cover Letter & Resume + Improve LinkedIn, Elevator pitch 

✓  Whole U. Alumni Network Membership

✓  Whole U. Insights (Monthly Mailing)

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