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Deeper Connections

Do you face difficult conversations directly?

Or prefer to avoid them?

In this episode of the Whole U. PodcastStanford Lecturer Ahmed Alashwah encourages you to grow stronger/ deeper/ closer relationships. By practicing a simple technique called "NVC" (Non Violent Communication), you'll start to:

  • Take full responsibility for your feelings & emotions and
  • Cease to blame and judge your self & others


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Pause The Chaos in Your Head . . .

According to the News... the world... is going crazy!

(But that doesn't mean YOU have to lose your mind too!)

In this episode of Whole U.® TV, Morgan Dix (co-Founder of "About Meditation") reminds us that peace of mind can be found...


  • At your desk
  • On the subway
  • Yes, even with family, during holidays ;)

Try Morgan's simple technique that will have you "meditating in minutes" - (and may even restore your faith in humanity :) 

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