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Digital Productivity


Cure Your Digital Pain

There seems to be no escaping modern technology. Whether ordering groceries, filling out forms for the government, or trying to schedule a simple teleconference . . . we're asked to interact with screens, platforms, software, and systems.

Some of us may choose to ignore it, avoid it, or even "live off the grid." Whereas others, Like Thomas McGonagle (a Solutions Architect at Armory.io), choose to learn how to manage and leverage technology to their advantage. McGonagle, (who says his parents were Ludites, and therefore was not introduced to a VHS until age 16, or a computer until college) is committed to helping individuals optimize their work, and lives through technology, in order to focus on what really matters - (e.g. our relationships!) He believes that people would be wise to invest in three core areas:

  1. People
  2. Process and
  3. Technology

Having done this work for ~20 years, McGonagle claims to now be able to "fly" through life, playing his technology like musical instruments that help his life "sing." As you listen to Tom's rockstar advice, you will be encouraged to realize that:

  • You don’t have to be overwhelmed!
  • You can engage help from others
  • Solutions DO exist.


To learn more about Tom, visit: https://go.armory.io/thomas

He's offering "Digital Office Hours" for anyone with technical questions. To express interest, define your goals here, and we'll set up a meeting!  


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