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Know What You REALLY Need?

There's a belief that businesses should "sell you what you WANT - but give you what you NEED." And I confess I mainly focused on the first part of that equation - (helping you improve your resume, and orchestrate a confident career transition)... 

But I believe what you (we all) REALLY need goes well beyond a better resume, new job, fancier title, or bigger paycheck (although of course those can be very fun!) What we NEED is to take better care of ourselves - and each other.

For me, this need was amplified during the pandemic, as I:  

  • Scrambled to keep my business afloat - (transitioning to working 100% virtual) 👩🏻‍💻
  • Was displaced from my condo due to water damage - (handling the mind-boggling insurance saga, and never-ending renovations!) 😩
  • Worried about a loved one's alcoholic relapse 🍷
  • Tackled my own unexplained health issues 🤕
  • Ended a 10-year relationship 💔
  • All while caring for a toddler 😬 

   (When it rains it pours, right ;)

And I know that I'm not alone! Family, friends, and clients tell me they've grappled with many hardships, and are doing their best to stay balanced.

Maybe you feel the same?

So I'm always (re)committing to Whole U.s mission - creating a support system for living a balanced, purposeful life, through wellness, (yes, career), AND service

I've shared relevant content from a book called The Self-Help Smorgasbord. Published by Knock Knock, this fun activity book “lets you work on yourself in manageable doses. Each week presents a new activity — (yoga, scream therapy, etc.)  for you to explore (and, if necessary, debunk).  

To explore all the tips - click the image below. 

I trust this content will remind you of your quest for balance, purpose, and wholeness 🙏🏻

☮️ & ❤️,




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