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Self-Help Tip #46: [RESIST] Indulging In Schadenfreude!


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Medical advice. Please read disclaimers.

There's a reason that reality TV, roast comedy, bloopers, practical jokes, gossip, and even competitive sports are all so popular in our modern era.

"Schadenfreude is a German word for the pleasurable emotions some people feel in response to other people's misfortune or embarrassment."


But there IS another (better) response . . .

As I walked through the park today I overheard the tail-end of this conversation between a mother and her young daughter . . . 

  • Daughter (misty-eyed): "It just fills my heart up!"
  • Mother: "Aww... so it brings you JOY to see others happy!" 

Isn't THAT a more enjoyable existence? And as karma would have it - reacting like that little girl - may likely bring YOU more success, joy, and happiness too . . .

Because, ultimately, we are all ONE.

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