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How we "show up" (at work, or personal activities)  reflects how we're treating ourselves. Below are tips for taking better care of our WellnessCareer and Service - highlighting topics from a fun book ( published by Knock Knock) called: The Self-Help Smorgasbord - An Activity Book For People Who Need All the Help They Can Get. 52 Ways To Fix Yourself - One Week At a Time."

(OK  . . . so you don't need "fixing" per se - but from time to time, we ALL could use a gentle reminder... a boost... or a "pep message" as I joked with one of my clients). 

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Self-Help Tips

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MORE Legal Disclaimers

(Can't have too many when it comes to health-related advice! ;)
  • In these posts, I share my own thoughts and reflections that are (obviously) NOT meant as medical advice for you. I'm presenting content from this book as a potentially useful framework. BUT, myself, and Whole U. LLC are in no way responsible for any damages for the reader (as per Knock Knock's disclaimer below) 🙏🏻


  • Whole U., LLC is privately owned, and we do not accept incentives in exchange for special consideration for reviews. However, we may receive referral fees from online retailers we know/ like/ trust (such as Amazon, Knock Knock, etc.) These fees will go toward operating expenses, and we appreciate your support 🙏🏻
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