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Self-Help Tip #35: Go Organic


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Medical advice. Please read disclaimers.


. . . I remember hearing that perceptive phrase in this cartoon PSA, in 1983. (Sadly, I didn't internalize its truth, and instead proceeded to treat my body like a trash compactor - eating countless BAGS of sugary cookies and processed treats.)

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Organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest having ~5 servings of fruits and vegetables. BUT - what if those foods contain synthetic/artificially derived ingredients?!

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The Environmental Working Group (EWG) identified the "Dirty Dozen" - the most important fruits and vegetables to buy organic due to their high pesticide levels when conventionally grown. The list includes favorites such as: apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, and spinach.

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So these days I try to be more mindful, and eat organic, knowing that consuming organic goods reduces exposure to pesticides, which may decrease susceptibility to certain diseases. Yes - Eating organic DOES cost extra . . .

  • Time & Effort - to research (and read labels!)
  • Money - On average 47% more (pre-inflation!)


Is "eating clean" worth it for you?




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