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Self-Help Tip #1: Get Enough Sleep.


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Medical advice. Please read disclaimers.

Doh! 🥴 Unfortunately this first tip is TOUGH for me. As a life-long insomniac, it feels like my circadian rhythm awakens at midnight, prompting hyper-productivity. Plus, sleep has become somewhat . . . disrupted [understatement] since my daughter London was born 3 years ago. But good excuses aside, I KNOW that "getting the requisite amount of sleep boosts cognitive function, mood, and disease immunity."

Case in point:

Last week I was feeling run down (suffering from a sinus infection) 🤧 So when it came time for my futile daily 3-hour ritual of trying to coerce London to settle down for a mid-day nap . . . this time I broke down:

"YOU! MUUUUST! RESSSST!" I professed in a deep primal scream. (After this mini breakdown, I came to realize: I was actually yelling to myself. It's ME who needed sleep - badly!) Thankfully, my super-hero parents offered to care for London, so that I could REST  - AND spare her from my sleep-deprived grouchiness. I took a shot of NyQuil, and woke up feeling like a NEW person after a full night's sleep! 🙏🏻 Whether you need NINE hours of sleep (or ZERO, like London ;) - you owe it to yourself to: 

  • (#1) "Create a soothing sleep environment." 

- Maybe listen to peaceful music, or my bed-time favorite - the philosopher Alan Watts ;)

- I like essential oils like Lavender,  so I bought a dispenser that plugs into the wall.

- I discovered I have an allergy to dust mites, so I also purchased special bedding designed to prevent dust

  • (#3) Investigate your own sleep needs and preferences! One resource is: Sleep.com (Created by Mattress Firm).

Wishing you RESTFUL SLEEP 🙏🏻

☮️ & ❤️,

Shannon & The Whole U. Team


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