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Self-Help Tip #18: Take Up Gardening


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Medical advice. Please read disclaimers.

Do you LOVE your plants? While gardening is "the act of cultivating vegetation" - mostly for eating or aesthetics - plants can also help:

  1. Clean your air
  2. Help you breathe
  3. Reduce your stress

Which is a BIG deal - right? So even if you don't have an outdoor space, or can't commit to an elaborate "grow operation" - you CAN still nurture house plants (Below is a photo of one I bought at IKEA :)

Placeholder Image

Quoting Alan Watts (per usual): "the evidence is growing that certain people have green thumbs because they love and talk to their plants, and it seems that plants have intensely sensitive responses to human behavior which can be recorded by the electroencephalograph"  (indeed confirmed by more recent research - including studies from the Royal Horticultural Society). 

What seeds are you planting?  




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