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Self-Help Tip #40: Deprive Your Senses


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Medical advice. Please read disclaimers.

We are all overstimulated. So from time to time, you may feel a strong desire to ESCAPE . . . Escape from your spouse, your kids, your boss, your job, your responsibilities . . . your life.

One quick way to achieve this, is through sensory deprivation - "deliberate isolation and removal of external stimuli; often conducted in a chamber.

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"Certain sensory deprivation techniques (such as flotation tank therapy) have been proven to reduce stress and chronic pain by mimicking zero-gravity conditions."


You COULD book an appointment at a spa . . . OR you could just create an at-home experience...

  1. Choose a tranquil space (maybe your bed)
  2. Eliminate distractions (like your phone, and roommates)
  3. Deprive your senses (block sunlight, and perhaps wear ear plugs and an eye mask)
  4. Breath, and enjoy the escape. 

Oh, and Happy Mothers' Day! (If you know a mother - offer to take care of her kids for a bit so she can do the above ;) She (and her kids) will be very grateful for the chance to refresh.

☮️ & ❤️,


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