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Self-Help Tip #36: Ask For Help


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Medical advice. Please read disclaimers.

When we're born, we're literally HELPLESS and must depend on others for survival. (Then, we're typically in a similar state at the end of our life as well!) 

  • So why do we get uncomfortable asking for help during the middle part of our life?
  • Do we somehow forget that we are indeed dependent on each other!? 

All parents know that it takes a village, and that we MUST "engage others to assist in some way." When I became a mother (four years ago today!) I had to start asking for help from EVERYONE! Her Grandparents . . . Aunts . . .  Neighbors . . .  Friends . . . STRANGERS - Who then became beloved babysitters. 

  • I'm IMMENSELY grateful for receiving help
  • AND admit that I always feel a twinge of guilt when asking for help!
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4 years of doing our best to help this little Coconut 🥥


"Seeking support may help to strengthen human bonding, thereby increasing your general sense of well-being; also you may genuinely need help."

When YOU need help, do you typically:

1. Rely on your SELF? (If yes, you may enjoy these Self-Help Tips)

2. Call a generous FRIEND?

3. Telephone a free support HELPLINE?

4. Invest in EXPERTS to help?

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Yes - sometimes you need to HIRE help! Melissa & Amelia (of "Equinox Kids," above) were among the angels who helped me in the early days. Often - "You get what you pay for!"

Help is a phone call away!

☮️ & ❤️,



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