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Self-Help Tip #48: Go To A 12-Step Meeting


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Medical advice. Please read disclaimers.

When life overwhelms us, we may feel tempted to turn to eating, shopping, working, gambling, alcohol, drugs, and other hedonistic distractions. But there's always the risk that those activities may become an addiction . . .

Alcoholics Anonymous (founded in 1935) has an estimated 2 million+ members, in over 150 countries worldwide. Their 12-steps are "a set of guiding principles that aid in recovery from a variety of addictive behaviors."

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How To Start?

  1. Identify addiction/ problematic behavior 
  2. Locate relevant 12-step meeting
  3. Attend 12-Step Meeting (on time)
  4. Follow Instructions ("work the steps" - with an open mind)

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