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"Should I Vax, or Should I Go?"

Vaccinations can be a controversial topic But they effect us all, so we should learn to hear each other's views. Whether that's: 

  1. An inflammation scientist in my dance class told me the flu is on a STEEP rise this year, and she's a huge fan of the flu vaccine, or ...
  2. The Weston Price Foundation released this quiz about vaccinations (which I'm keen to fact-check)

Personally I hadn't gotten the shot in many years, because I remember it making me sick. BUT - starting my new job, I learned that there was: 

  • mandatory flu shot...  
  • An option to submit a medical or religious exemption request - which I did 👍
  • A review committee (that denied my request - citing lack of evidence) 👎 

So I had to decide if I should:

A) Get fired for non-compliance 

B) Comply - to keep my job  

I "rolled the dice," and went with option B!

Side note, I quickly developed this allergic rash all over my back. So I scheduled an appointment with an allergist (next available, in two months) - and MAY have more "evidence" to present next year 🧐


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