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Find Work You Love!

It's Monday ... 
Are you reading this from a job that doesn't fulfill you??

When I work with clients seeking a more meaningful career... 
I first ask them two questions:
#1: What do you LOVE to do? and
#2: What are you GREAT at?
This episode of Whole U.® Book Review features a best-seller that enhanced my career significantly. Whereas in the past, I focused on trying to improve what I was lacking . . . after reading StrengthsFinder 2.0, I identified, and started to leverage my top 5 strengths - which include:
  • Empathy
  • Positivity, and
  • Developing others

(Traits which I never even recognized as being "strengths"!) With new-found confidence in my strengths, I risked leaving my salaried position at MIT to pursue my own venture. That was in 2013. (And now, I'm ranked on Yelp as #1 Career Coach in Boston, and have helped clients all over the world to pursue their life's work.)

So . . . You want to find work you LOVE??
What are YOU great at...? 


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