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Sound Healing   



The gong of a bowl from Tibet . . . 

The rattle of a rain stick from Peru . . .

The hum of 7 crystal bowls - tuned to each of your chakras . . . 

The boom of a medicine drum - handmade with a First Nations Elder in Canada . . . 

And one beautiful voice . . . 

. . . That of Natalie Juul - a Meditation and Sound Practitioner. 

Natalie sits on a circular rug she found in Costa Rica. Surrounded by various crystals and instruments collected from her travels around the world, she's conducting this "Sound Bath" - guiding you through your individual healing journey, by:

  • Intuitively mixing sounds from her instruments and chimes
  • Playing crystal bowls made of Silica sand - (same found in your body & bones)
  • The vibrations are palpable, and conjure up emotions, calm, and serenity.

 Click Image to Learn more about Natalie's background.

Originally from Denmark, Natalie lived in: Toronto Kuala Lumpur, and Ubud, Bali, before settling in Boston. For several years, she has facilitated Women’s Circles, Sound Baths and retreats internationally. Prior to becoming a Sound Healer, she became a Certified Hatha and Prenatal Yoga Instructor.

And while Natalie is now completely "in her element" in this role, she made the switch fairly recently - (just a few years ago, she was still in the corporate/ startup world - running an executive recruitment company in Kuala Lumpur with her sister). The transition to being a full-time spiritual healer came in part after a scare with Melanoma cancer. Now pregnant with her second child, she believes that becoming a mother has also been a strong catalyst in her spiritual expansion. 

Beyond Sound Baths, Natalie offers:                                

  1. Women's Circles
  2. Workshops
  3. Retreats
  4. Mother Blessings and
  5. Individual Sound Healing sessions

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