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Dry Scalp?

I'm going DEEPER into the "wellness" theme, to simplify & purify life - from the inside out, and from head to toe. For example - when's the last time YOU thought of the hair follicles on your SCALP?

(Never? Oh right ... there's SKIN on my HEAD, needing TLC too!) 🧐







I recently learned of the "Japanese Head Spa" treatment, that claims to:

  1. Remove oil and product build-up 🗑
  2. Exfoliate dead skin/ dandruff 🌵
  3. Reduce tension and itchiness 🌩
  4. Increase circulation and blood flow ♨️




The process starts by analyzing your scalp with a magnifying camera, to get a CLOSE look at the dry skin, crusting over the pores... GROSS! 😳

Disclaimer: Not medical advice. ALWAYS do your own research to determine if any of these steps and product recommendations are good for YOUR specific conditions. 


After my hair was treated with herbs, the dry skin was scraped off with a tiny comb 🤢

Then for something more soothing . . .

There were several steps that involved big ticket items you may not have lying around your home ... (Like, a massage bed! And a fancy arced water rainbow!)

BUT, you CAN replicate / DIY a few things - with these items:

1. Clarifying shampoo or scrub

2. Head massager

3. Scalp scraping dandruff comb and/or jade comb

4. Ayurvedic hair treatments and/ or oils known to stimulate hair growth - (e.g. geranium oil and rosemary oil)

5. Use a heated towel, or cap. And if you're really committed, invest in a hair steamer!

6. Good nutrition and hydration will always help your skin too 🥦💧


What's ONE step that could help YOUR scalp? 

☮️ ❤️,  




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