Peruvian Plant Medicine

In this episode of the Whole U. Podcast you'll hear from Gina Aprile about her healing journey with "Plant Medicine," and her intentions for sharing her experience. 

Evidence of plant medicine dates back thousands of years, and has been more recently popularized in the U.S. by celebrities such as Sting and Chelsea Handler. Plant medicine (e.g. Ayahuasca and San Pedro) are mixed from local cactus / plants, and are ingested to help people connect with nature, and have spiritual self-realizations.  

In this interview you will learn about:

  • The difference between plant medicine and "recreational drugs"
  • The process and outcomes of a plant medicine "ceremony" 
  • Precautions to consider with any such experience . . . 

Listen in as we hear from Gina Aprile.


(p.s. If ever in The Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru - you may wish to visit this Airbnb - run by Gina and her partner :)


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