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Become a Money Magician (or remain a "Money Fool")

It happens every year . . .  

  • The looming fear of an impending deadline 
  • Multiple piles of paperwork
  • Procrastination of the highest order

If TAX SEASON sparks denial, overwhelm and resistance,

THIS could finally be the year to:

  1. Get real (This money quiz can assess your underlying emotions - whether playing a "Fool" or actualizing your "Magician). 
  2. Get organized (with tools like QuickBooks for entrepreneurs) &
  3. Get Support & motivation from an accountant, or reading a book e.g. "The Law of Divine Compensation" by author (and Presidential candidate) - Marianne Williamson 

Or maybe - it's your friend or family member who needs help. Forward this message, so they can gradually use these steps to transition from playing a "Victim" into being a "Warrior."

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Wishing you endless abundance!


☮️ & ❤️,  




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