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Why CBD is Mother Approved . . .

Now that even MARTHA STEWART is entering the business of promoting products with CBD . . .  can we conclude that "CBD" has truly become a “household name”. . . ?

In this episode of the Whole U. podcast, we hear from Bernette Dawson - Founder of “Made Organics” - a personal care line that’s introducing products infused with CBD - (the non-psychoactive compound of marijuana, said to have many benefits, including stress reduction). 

Listen to learn why CBD is on Bernette's list of “Mother Approved Daily Essentials” . . . 

Blog Post by Althea Champion

"Wellness" is a term at the forefront of popular conversation. But it's not just a fluffy /"cool" thing to chat about... it points to serious  mental and physical and considerations. Whole U. is part of this important conversation - immersing ourselves in the study and sharing of what, and WHO can benefit people.

Bernette Dawson - founder of Made Organics, focuses on the creation of all-natural, ethically-sourced, organic products - or in other words -

products your mother would approve of -  as the acronym Made (Mother Approved Daily Essentials) suggests.

As a mother, Dawson wanted the best products for her children. When her eldest son began having skin issues, his doctor prescribed steroids. Dawson, who saw her sister struggle from the negative effects of steroids, quickly dismissed the prescription. Instead of administering the prescribed steroids, Dawson decided to manufacture her OWN skin cream to help alleviate her son's pain. Much to her content, her hard work paid off, and the cream worked, and did help her son.

After Dawson's elixir helped her son, family and friends asked to try it too, and in turn advised her to sell the cream. She hesitated at first, but then she went for it. The topic resonated with her -- to control what is being applied to (and absorbed by) your body. She started to look around her own house at the different products she owned, noticing a common thread that ran between each and every one of them: toxins. She then decided to get rid of those toxins, and start to grow her business instead.

The business does not fail to keep her busy, especially on top of taking care of her family. Dawson works hard to find a happy medium between running a business and a family. She admits it's not always perfectly balanced. But that's okay. One of the reasons she considers the imbalances manageable is the fact her boys understand the nature of her career, as do the rest of her exceptional support system, which works to alleviate the pressures that come with being a business owner.

"Sometimes I have to wear many hats at the same time."

Her products vary, but she tried to keep product prices reasonable. Examples include:

Dawson prioritizes the edibility of each product— (Yes, you COULD eat it!) This is just one of the ways Dawson has tailored her product to what she knows mothers will value. This proves invaluable to other mothers who go through the same trials and tribulations that she did as a mother, trying to do what was best for her children.

A new area she is experimenting with for developing new products, is CBD - the popular compound found in hemp. What prompted this experimentation is similar to what prompted Dawson's initial entrepreneurial venture. The same son who experienced skin issues, now started playing ice hockey, and had concurrent rapid growth spurts - which resulted in severe growing pains around his knees. In hopes to alleviate his pain, Dawson would hesitantly give him Ibuprofen or Tylenol, but never felt good about it. In her efforts to resist feeding her child pain medications for dinner... she began researching what she could do instead.

It was her husband who suggested the idea of incorporating CBD in the products. She quickly vetoed the idea due to the prevailing stigma that surrounded CBD. Her knee-jerk reaction to the idea was, "No, I don't want my child getting high." But after softening to the idea, and researching the topic, she was quickly impressed by its benefits - which included pain relief.

She mixed the compound into a new concoction to form a muscle rub that her son started to use. Much to her family's relief, it succeeded in relieving her son of pain.

"It worked like a miracle." And with that, CBD was mother-approved, and considered fit to join the product line-up of Made Organics.

 Dawson's research revealed more of CBD's benefits. She found that not only does the compound bind to pain receptors in order to relieve pain... but it is rich in vitamin A, C, and also acts an anti-inflammatory that calms skin. It helps stimulate collagen, keeping skin firm and healthy, and reducing signs of aging. So she decided to incorporate it in a face oil—an easy staple to any skin care routine.

Dawson takes incredible pride in her business and the care it provides to customers. She urges others to take their self-care seriously. This could involve scheduling some time that is solely devoted to it, similar to a professional meeting, or just listening to music that you love. But, when you fall short, Made Organics can help pick you up.

"We are taking care of you like a mom or grandmother would if you are not feeling well or taking care of yourself."

Nevertheless, self-care is something Dawson swears by. Every morning she takes a pen in her hand, and puts it to paper. From there she writes three things she is thankful for, however small or large. She credits it for making her days great. It is for this reason that she wants to stress the importance of self-care to her clients, and make it easier for others to implement it into their own life... whether it's an extra long shower... or an investment in products you believe in -  it's worth it.

Learn From Bernette:

  1. Listen to Interview:   https://youtu.be/UgXsLie9Nk4
  2. Website:                     www.made-organics.com
  3. Instagram:                 @made_organics & @made_with_releaf
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