Why CBD is Mother Approved . . .

Now that even MARTHA STEWART is entering the business of promoting products with CBD . . .  can we conclude that "CBD" has truly become a “household name”. . . ?

In this episode of the Whole U. podcast, we hear from Bernette Dawson - Founder of “Made Organics” - a personal care line that’s introducing products infused with CBD - (the non-psychoactive compound of marijuana, said to have many benefits, including stress reduction). 

Listen to learn why CBD is on Bernette's list of “Mother Approved Daily Essentials” . . . 

Learn From Bernette:

  1. Listen to Interview:   https://youtu.be/UgXsLie9Nk4
  2. Website:                     www.made-organics.com
  3. Instagram:                 @made_organics & @made_with_releaf
  4. Facebook


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