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Silencing Your Inner Hater


Chances are . . . YOU are your own worst enemy. You’ve been playing that same old “recording” in your mind about how – you’re not good enough, you don’t look the way you “should,” and you’re not where you’re “supposed” to be in life by now.

So how do you feel having that broken record playing inside your mind every day?  

  • . . . Broken?
  • Exhausted?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Helpless?
  • Enraged?

Our minds are constantly thinking thoughts. So it might seem impossible to turn off those scripts completely, right? BUT – what if - instead of playing those negative dialogues – you could simply CHOOSE to speak to yourself from a positive mindset? Like, an alter ego, who instead of constantly criticizing you, was always uplifting you. Imagine that for a moment.

In this video I recommend a book by the late Louise Hay, entitled, “You Can Heal Your Life.” In the book Louise encourages us to get un-stuck in the present moment in order to change our unhealthy thoughts. Watch to hear her advice, and then plan to write yourself at least one positive affirmation that you can repeat to yourself every time your inner critic tries to cut you down.



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