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Does Your Fascia Need Smoothing!?

A friend of mine recently told me about The "Fascia Blaster" - invented by Ashley Black to smooth the body's fascia, that can get tight, bunched, and appear dimpled. (As seen in the diagram below, from AshleyBlackGuru.com)

Curious, I researched a bit more about Ashley's "business origin story." In short, Ashley was using her prototypes to help athletes with sports injures, and soon discovered that they also helped smooth the appearance of cellulite... (So while it has health benefits for muscles, joints, etc. - it apparently also improves aesthetics.) 

I bought this kit - that comes with a small blaster, a large blaster, oil, which is applied to help the blasters glide on the skin, and Ashley's book, which describes the science behind her suite of products.

NB: The kit also came with an ice pack, because - depending on the starting condition of your facia, and the amount of pressure applied, there's a chance of bruising. When I first tried it, I had slight bruising. But because it did not hurt, I didn't use the ice, and let my skin heal on it's own. 

I found the book quite convincing. I removed several pages of instructions that show how to "blast" various body parts, and put the pages in plastic sheets, to avoid getting the pages greasy with the oil.

Ashley recommends that for most, results can be seen within 90 days - if not sooner. I have since ordered the FaceBlaster and the "OMGBlaster" 5-in-1 kit, and am hopeful to get a little natural lift :) 


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