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Which Diet(s) Work For You?

We are ALL unique and require different adjustments to our eating habits. For this reason, a book I like to recommend is called the “Diet Selector.” The Author, Dr. Judith Rodriguez does a good job at providing a vast array of options for the reader, helping them navigate ingredients, sample menus, and ultimately re-think the food we put in our body! Watch to hear a five tips Rodriguez provides for healthy weight management. 

*Disclaimer: As a self-proclaimed Cookie Monster I personally find it very challenging to give up sweets. I’ve experimented with cleanses that required giving up sugar, dairy, and processed food. And while "eating clean" made my eyes whiter, skin brighter, and allowed me to drop a few pesky holiday pounds… I found it unsustainable, and have (for now) decided to be more laissez faire, opting to pretty much eat whatever I want . . .  in moderation. Well . . . unless there’s a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in sight.


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