Flavorful Food . . . Hassle Free!?


  • A friendly woman shows up at your front door... 
  • With bags full of fresh groceries from Whole Foods, and ALL of the necessary tools to prepare delicious meals - (which YOU have pre-selected). 
  • She spends hours cooking (as scrumptious smells waft from your kitchen, and you get to sample the incredible food she’s preparing).
  • When complete, she labels the meals and stores them in your refrigerator (and gives you instructions on how to heat & serve them).
  • Then, she cleans up so thoroughly it looks better than when she arrived!!

I know . . .  this sounds like a daydream, right?!

But - it actually happened, to ME!!

WHO is this unicorn of a character you ask?

Listen to this Whole U. Podcast to hear from the legend herself, Ms. Suzanna Perry, to find out WHY she started this meal preparation service, and how YOU might be able to catch a glimpse of her too! . . .

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