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What's Your Type?

My Google search for "Flexibility Training" - brought me to Bob Cooley, aka "The Genius of Flexibility."

For 50+ years, Bob has been developing a unified healing system that is truly unique, transformational, and endlessly fascinating. His approach correlates: 

  1. Resistance stretching with 
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Meridians
  3. Organs/ muscles/ tissue AND
  4. Personality types - which he refers to as "16 Geniuses" - eloquently described in the video below . . .

Bob and his team have created an option to send a video clip and get "typed". (I did, and was typed as a: "Spiritual/ Pancreas/ Genius of Peace.") As I continue to learn and apply the intricacies of this system, I hope this information will help me to: 

  • Overcome my foibles
  • Become better, more creative, self-expressed, etc.
  • Be a good parent
  • Choose a more compatible partner
  • Generally be effective interacting with others - including you 😀 

So . . . What's YOUR type?

☮️ & ❤️  





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