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Where Balance Begins

If you experience imbalance in your body, it could be generating from... your FEET.


I recently felt discomfort in my left foot. So I found a shoe store with an Aetrex Foot Scanner - which "combines 3D imaging, machine learning and precise sensor technology to capture data," assessing how we distribute our weight.


I stepped on the scanner, and adjusted my sweatpants for the cameras. (Apparently my Care Bear socks did not interfere ;)

  • The logic is that placing Aetrex insoles in your shoes will "biomechanically align your body to help prevent Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain, and Metatarsalgia."  
  • According to the Hospital for Special Surgery, Orthotics work like shock absorbers, removing pressure from painful areas in the foot and ankle." 


Aetrex says that in 20 years, they've placed 10K+ foot scanners in 50+ countries, and conducted 40 million scans! 

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