Whole U.™ Resume Review Package



"The Whole U. experience was special. I wanted to walk away with a tight, concise resume and understand better ways to leverage my professional network. Shannon has an incredible approach - naturally adding extra value and continuing to support as a consultant and even as a pseudo-headhunter. So I was delivered not only what I expected (i.e. a commodity) - but was also delivered strong, personalized value. This wasn't expected, so it put Whole U. "over-the-top" in my eyes."

- Erol S.


If you'd like to book the resume package, here are the next steps:

 (Warning: This is thorough... But you prefer it that way, right? :)

  • Step #1:

Articulate your goals via this pre-session assessment  

  • Step #2:

Review / Sign / Return this work agreement

  • Step #3:

Book a one hour "Whole U.™ Resume Review Session" via this link

  •  Step #5

E-Mail a WORD version of your resume to:  [email protected]

  • Step #6

A Whole U. advisor will:

  • Spend one hour making initial edit suggestions to your resume
  • E-mail the document back to you for your review. (You can then "accept" or "reject" suggested changes)
  • Step #7
  • Speak with an Advisor for one hour (via Google Hangout, Zoom or Skype, ID = "WholeU.").
  • Together we will finalize your resume, so that the content clearly reflects your experience and talents, and highlights your skills and strengths.

At Whole U., we are committed to helping you pursue your life's work. We look forward to working with you! 


The Whole U. Team