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Professional Branding Testimonials

"Whole U. is a game changer! Whole U. goes above the typical professional services, and is highly tailored to the individual. I learned to change my mindset on how to look at a role from a different perspective. I gained a better understanding of the application process, and more confidence in my abilities"

Music Industry

"The Whole U. experience was special. I wanted to walk away with a tight, concise resume and understand better ways to leverage my professional network. Shannon has an incredible approach - naturally adding extra value and continuing to support as a consultant and even as a pseudo-headhunter. So I was delivered not only what I expected (i.e. a commodity) - but was also delivered strong, personalized value. This wasn't expected, so it put Whole U. "over-the-top" in my eyes."

Director, Financial Services

"I was originally looking for resume writing services, and what I found in Whole U. was a full service career coach. My one-on-one time with Shannon was extremely useful. Whole U. was just what I needed at the right time to get me back on track in both life and my career. Shannon was able to get me focused on what I wanted in my career and life goals, and improve the way I market myself. It was a very positive experience."

EdTech Thought Leader and Innovator

"Everyone could benefit from Whole U. programs... because they give you all the tools you need to better yourself. I wanted to expand on my current resume to make a stronger more modern one. My expectations were met and then some. Shannon was easy to speak with and very understanding. I learned how to show off my skills and talents without making it look like I was bragging. I also now have the confidence to go express my skills and talents confidently and feel good about it. I now feel way more confident in my resume, and myself."

Healthcare Professional

"I was seeking help aligning my experience to my current career goals. Shannon is very knowledgeable and was easy to work with. She guided me through the process of updating my resume to be more consistent and modern. For example, it was helpful to read my resume aloud to identify gaps and inconsistencies. I have already referred several people in my network to Whole U. services."

Senior Technology Manager

"I would absolutely recommend Whole U. I learned a lot about the importance of how your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn work together to create a full picture to a hiring manager. I also received good advice on networking, LinkedIn and elevator speech - helping me craft a good story for transitioning into a new role."

Investment Attribution Analysis and Risk Management

"I found Shannon through a LinkedIn search. I was looking for some feedback on my resume and cover letter. Whole U is worth every penny! You get what you pay for, and with Whole U you have incredible support with Shannon. She replies incredibly quickly. As a new client, she treated me like we'd been working together for years. She gave great feedback and helped me to reformat my resume and cover letter in a way that would work for multiple sectors. I really valued our conversations and Shannon's feedback. I recommend Whole U. very, very highly!"

Manager, Investor Engagement

"I made the right decision choosing Whole U. to help revise and update my dated and lengthy resume. The final result is a more concise, focused, and improved resume. Shannon was easy to work with, laser sharp and brought a fresh perspective to my resume rewrite. I highly recommend her, Whole U. and am very sure many careers will benefit from time working with Whole U."

VP of Operations

"I was looking for an updated resume, and coaching session to kick around some job search issues. Shannon turned around a finished resume that has been very well received. Our coaching session was great! Shannon is very enjoyable to speak with and “gets” you and your issues spot on. She helped me focus on my professional LinkedIn profile, and messaging for future employers. The turn around was fantastic, and she provided valuable insight. I would not hesitate to recommend Whole U."

M&A Analyst

"Working with Whole U was a pleasure. Shannon is professional, thoughtful, and really does care about her customers. When we worked on a new version of my resume, she listened to my needs and concerns and together we came up with the best resume I ever had. She also helped me formulate a plan for my long term career goals. I would highly recommend Shannon and Whole U to any job seeker who needs a spiffy new resume, and to come up with a plan."


"I went to Whole U. to revise my resume, and learned that there's even more that I can do to help me achieve my goals in job searching - such as visualization, effective goal setting, networking etc. I would consider future sessions to further work on image, and goal setting, and would definitely recommend this service to other"

M&A Analyst

"I recommend Whole U. 100%! I really like the approach. I can definitely say my expectations were met. - i.e to come out of the session with a "base" resume that would be ready to go. I feel very confident in the resume I have now - which "pops" more, and includes more "active" verbs to describe my past jobs. Shannon went above and beyond our time limit to make sure everything was right."

Mid-Market Account Executive

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