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Shannon O'Brien, M.A., Ed.M.

Holistic Development Advisor

(Career & Life Coach) 

Dear Fellow Seeker,

I'm here to help you find career alignment, while also maintaining health, joy, and freedom in your life.  

I founded Whole U. in 2012, as an "agency for change agents," and have since advised hundreds of mission-driven career seekers to pursue their life's work, and live a balanced, purposeful life. 

Previous to Whole U., I worked for seven years at Harvard and MIT - promoting diversity and invention respectively; and attained an: 

  • M.A. as a Rotary World Peace Fellow in Tokyo, Japan, and an
  • Ed.M. in Technology, Innovation & Education from Harvard University. 

I was born in the US, grew up 10 years in Europe, and have traveled to 36 countries - continuing to open my mind to new people, cultures, and what is inherent in each of us. 

I look forward to working with you!

 ☮️ & ❤️,


  • Cities:   Rome. Tokyo. Los Angeles.
  • Music:   Bob Marley. Depeche Mode. Daft Punk. Marc Rebillet.
  • Holiday:   Bali, Indonesia
  • Food:   Japanese Izakayas
  • Superpowers: Connecting. Motivating. 
  • Aspiring to be:   Healed & Whole (Peaceful, Loving, Joyful & Free).

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