Meet The Whole U.® Team

Shannon O'Brien, MA, EdM, Founder

Shannon is a Harvard-trained educator, ranked #1 Career & Life Coach on Yelp. She helps clients to pursue their life's work, and live a balanced purposeful life.

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Caleigh Griffin, Director of Client Relations

As a Whole U. alum, Caleigh has experienced the Career Program, and uses her passion and knowledge of the process to help others on their Whole U. journey! She is a graduate of Elon University, and studies psychology at the Harvard Extension School.

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Peter Tsickritzis, Men's Image Consultant

Peter will work with you on your way to your best Whole U.

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Ahmed Alashwah

Ahmed is a lecturer at Stanford University, the cofounder of The Flourishing Lab and Self Inner Transformation (SIT), and faculty at the Esalen Institute. Since the early 1990's he has consulted for national and international government agencies on processes of conflict resolution and youth deradicalization. After his latest technology company was acquired, he embarked on a decade of intensive research into contemplative studies, neuroscience and psycholinguistics. He now teaches meditation, leadership, and nonviolent communication throughout the world — including China, Europe, and the Middle East — where he is originally from.

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