Meet The Whole U.® Team

Shannon O'Brien, MA, EdM, Founder

Shannon is a Harvard-trained educator, ranked #1 Career & Life Coach on Yelp. She helps clients to pursue their life's work, and live a balanced purposeful life.

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Caleigh Griffin, Director of Client Success

As a Whole U. alum, Caleigh has experienced our Career Program, and uses her passion and knowledge of the process to help others on their Whole U. journey! She is a graduate of Elon University, and studies psychology at Harvard Extension School.

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Kyla Christie Hambali

With 15 years in the performing arts industry, Kyla has a passion for the intersectionality of business strategy and creativity. As a current junior at Babson College, Kyla is excited to be a business development intern for Whole U. in the pursuit of helping people find purpose. 
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Amelia Young, Chief of Staff

Amelia is an avid storyteller, with a passion for producing meaningful works in both Boston and LA. It's her goal to reach and affect audiences with impactful media. Amelia is a graduate of Emerson College, where she studied film.

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Technical Advisors

Thomas McGonagle

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Robert Love

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