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Career Branding

Gain Clarity + Confidence + Connections (in 5 Simple Steps):


3 Program Options

(3 Options Cover The Same 5-Step Process)



Topics include:

  1. Clarify values & ideal job
  2. Articulate strengths & skills
  3. Enhance Cover Letter & Resume
  4. Improve LinkedIn profile and online brand  
  5. Clarify elevator pitch & networking strategy



2 Sessions w/ Shannon


Online Course

2 advising sessions (after completing pre-work) 


5 Sessions w/ Shannon


Online Course

5 WEEKLY group coaching sessions (after completing pre-work)

Accountability Partner 

Access to Alumni Network


"The Whole U. Program helped me prepare for the next chapter in my career. The materials and resources rounded out a holistic, comprehensive approach - providing structure and skills to strengthen and articulate my readiness for career growth and change. The Whole U. alumni network is a broad network of mission-driven professionals, and I have already recommended Whole U. to others."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interaction occurs via pre-recorded videos, and a chat section where you are encouraged to share your reflections.

(Live advising calls are only available with the other 2 program options.)

Yes. You can upgrade to the next level, and any payment you've already made will be applied to the new total.

Since 2012, Whole U. has worked with men and women from every industry, in their 20s - through 60s, from all around the world. It's a diverse group of like-minded mission-driven individuals who are committed to balance, purpose, and the greater good. 

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The Career Program (described above) is for people who want help clarifying their values, vision, what specific work they want, AND their strengths and skills  . . . 

If you already know all that - GREAT! Then you may wish to go straight to one of our Resume Options (described below) . . .



Already Know Your Vision & Strengths?

Great! Then you may wish to go straight to these resume options


Resume Course


 Online course includes:

Cover Letter + Resume

Helpful Guides

Informative Videos 

Community Comments

Lifetime Access



Professional Branding Package


 Online course includes:

Cover Letter + Resume

 LinkedIn + Networking Modules

Lifetime Access

Helpful Guides

Informative Videos 

Community Comments


Live editing session w/ Shannon:

Receive edits via email

Networking Assistance

Alumni Network Access


Get Free Resume Advice

Watch Free Career Workshop

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Free Insights 

To live a balanced purposeful life 


This Workshop Will Show You How To:  

  1. Gain Clarity: Outline your values & goals
  2. Build confidence: Articulate your skills & strengths
  3. Find Purpose: Pursue your life's work!

Get instant access to learn more about Whole U.'s acclaimed 5-step process . . .