Whole U. is proud to have worked with clients from 25+ countries:

"Shannon was immensely helpful to me in a transitioning period of my life. I had just returned to the states after living abroad and was trying to make a mark for myself in my career here in the US. Shannon's breadth of knowledge and connections motivated and encouraged me to jump start my job search. She is kind, brilliant, and so easy to connect with which made our work together very enjoyable. Shannon and the Whole U. network have opened so many doors for me professionally and personally"

Rachel M.

"Working with Whole U. has been one of the best things that has happened to my career and spiritual development. Within a month of meeting Shannon, I was able to transform my life and business significantly. Her spiritual, health, and business coaching has been a life changer. She is an excellent listener, finds out who you are inside, and helps you stay on track to achieve monumental tasks. I would highly recommend Whole U. to my friends or respected colleagues who are open to transformation."

Christian M.
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"Whole U. greatly exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend this service to any and all of my friends, family members, and peers! I signed up with Whole U. to gain a better understanding of my career goals and needs. My work with Shannon was extremely beneficial, and helped clarify that I definitely want to continue to pursue leadership roles - helping other leaders maximize their teams' performance. I've already referred Whole U. to a colleague; and will continue to do so."

Adam G.

"I first contacted Shannon because I was no longer enjoying the career I had chosen and, consequently, I felt trapped and unhappy in my job. Before Whole U. came into my life, I spent over four years on a seemingly endless journey looking for answers to what I was truly passionate about. Even during our preliminary phone conversation, it was clear that Shannon has a different approach than any other career counselor or advising agency I'd been to. For the first time, I felt that someone actually understood what I was going through. After our initial session together, I realized that she not only has the skills and connections to facilitate a successful career transition but she's dedicated to helping you look inside yourself and discover what your true passions are. I immediately noticed a transformation in the way I perceive life, and the way I think of myself. I began seeing possibilities where I never imagined there would be. Over the course of our five sessions together, we worked on visualizing my ideal job, narrowing down my personal and professional interests, developing a method for writing compelling cover letters and took a professional looking photo for LinkedIn. I am now confident that I have a positive and meaningful direction to go in and concrete steps to take in getting there. Whole U gave me the creative skills, personal connections and, most importantly, the confidence to believe that I can turn the life I envision into reality"

Lauren J.

"The Whole U. Program exceeded my expectations. Shannon’s fresh perspective, upbeat attitude, empathy, and compassion are so inspiring and makes her a success in what she does. Her assistance with everything from career path and setting goals, ideas for philanthropy, to creating my personal brand, and perhaps most valuable – maintaining my balance and holistic health was all so helpful Shannon was a sounding board and great listener. The brainstorming process truly felt like a team effort."

Heather M.

"I have benefited tremendously from Shannon’'s capacity to connect people across various fields of interest. In 2007, Shannon introduced me to the Chairman of the World Council of Religious Leaders, which led to my 3-year position as Director of Integral Affairs. Shannon also has an incredible capacity for personal linking. Shannon introduced me to the love of my life who I married in June 2012. I, quite obviously, highly recommend Shannon."

Dustin D.

"Shannon is an excellent communicator, a mentor, and a great friend to me. Her incredible patience and the advanced skills to build instant connection with people always amazes me. When I was applying for a very important scholarship, she guided me toward my passion and offered me a great lot of help editing, and as a result, I won the scholarship. Working with Shannon is very comfortable and efficient, and I am looking forward to more collaborations with her."

Jiani W.

"Working with Shannon helped me set up a road map to reach my goal. I learned how to: write a 21st-century resume, re-do my LinkedIn page, and I learned (again) that there's no time like the present to start the first step toward my goal. I learned that my goal isn't ridiculous and could actually provide a huge benefit to people. I really appreciate the holistic approach to Whole U. advising services. Everything in this world is interconnected, and one's career is not excluded from that."

Larry M.

"Whole U. has totally re-energized me after a series of challenging job situations. Shannon guided me as I reviewed what I enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy) at each previous position and encouraged me to ask for feedback about my job performance from former supervisors, colleagues and direct reports. Shannon’s assistance with the “nuts and bolts” of attaining career success going forward has also been truly invaluable. Shannon’s energy, creativity, and optimism are contagious."

Sandra C.

"I feel fortunate to have been immersed in the 3-month Whole U. program. I had just moved to Boston from Hong Kong, where I completed an MBA program. I had transitioned from being a classroom teacher in NYC, and was now exploring the field of education technology. After assessing my goals, Shannon set up a development plan that helped me: recommit to a fitness routine, reassess my wardrobe, set up a job search strategy, and network and meet people socially and professionally. The Whole U. program consists of a ‘Micro to Macro’ approach, starting with a fitness program and proper diet, as well as emphasizing mindfulness and meditation. Shannon arranged for me to attend a men’s style workshop, and assisted in clothes shopping, and getting a new haircut. The program kept me engaged in the process. I gained confidence in my appearance, while people close to me noticed positive changes. As we refined my career goals and job search strategy, Shannon introduced me to a wide range of contacts in her extensive network, within different interest groups as well as target companies, which led to several interviews – some of which are currently in process. Throughout the program, Shannon displayed a tireless enthusiasm. She is a tremendously talented listener, and is always keen to brainstorm on strategy and provide useful insight – drawing on her wealth of experience.There was also a certain ‘magic’ that tended to occur within the context of the Whole U. program - including many coincidences, realizations, and self-discoveries. The outcome of the 3-months was more than just ‘finding a job’... but more about insight into my true self, wisdom, and life direction. For anyone seeking deeper meaning in their life, and a more holistic approach to their career, Shannon is not only on the cutting edge of what works in today's job market, but is also able to operate on a more profound human level, which runs deeper than the surface of a typical ‘career advisor’ – skills that I believe have great benefits in today’s fast-paced urban living."

Kevin O.

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