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"I cannot recommend this program strongly enough! Shannon helps you be what you want to be. I am the same person I was before her program - yet simultaneously completely different. I wanted clarity over the future direction of my career, and to get to where I want to be. This goal was met due to the expert advice of Shannon. My product and brand has been strengthened, and I am much more mindful and intentional about the career decisions I make. Shannon listens, then reminds you what you said is important to YOU, rather than fit you into a cookie-cutter program. I wholeheartedly recommend the Whole U. process."

Energy & Sustainability Expert

"Whole U. helped me stay productive during the pandemic. Shannon was a breath of fresh air, and one of the best listeners I've come across. Her program was customized to my current career needs, and not just an "out of the box" solution. I really felt like Shannon genuinely cared about me, and my journey. I appreciate her responsiveness and creative approach. I think many people long for validation in their thoughts and career direction, but maybe don't know how to articulate what they’re looking for . . . That's really what Shannon provided for me in these sessions: a feeling of validation and confidence."

Corporate Event Manager (

"The Whole U. Career Mastermind helped me prepare for the next chapter in my career. The materials and resources rounded out a holistic and comprehensive approach - providing the necessary structure and skills to strengthen and articulate my readiness for career growth and change. Ultimately, the sessions increased my self-awareness and expanded my thinking. Shannon and the team are smart, empathetic, and genuinely interested in supporting personal and professional growth. The Whole U. alumni network is a broad network of interesting and mission-driven professionals, and I have already recommended Whole U. to other professionals."

The Trustees of Reservations

"The Whole U. Career Development Mastermind was exactly what I needed when it came time for me to "re-enter" the job market. Overwhelmed by trying to organize and express my varied skill set, Shannon masterfully addressed my limiting beliefs, and championed a way forward. Weekly assignments comprise a clear and concise method to do research and prep work vital to moving forward. Additionally, Whole U. is tapped into a vast network of professionals and Shannon is generous with opening her rolodex."

Media Project Manager

"The Whole U. Program exceeded my expectations. Shannon’s fresh perspective, upbeat attitude, empathy, and compassion are so inspiring and makes her a success in what she does. Her assistance with everything from career path and setting goals, ideas for philanthropy, to creating my personal brand, and perhaps most valuable – maintaining my balance and holistic health was all so helpful."

Wealth Planner

"I contacted Whole U. because I was no longer enjoying the career I had chosen and felt trapped and unhappy in my job. It was clear that Shannon has a different approach. For the first time, I felt that someone actually understood what I was going through. I immediately noticed a transformation in the way I perceive life, and the way I think of myself. I began seeing possibilities where I never imagined there would be. "

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach

"Whole U. totally re-energized me after a series of challenging job situations. Shannon guided me as I reviewed what I enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy) at each previous position and encouraged me to ask for feedback about my job performance from former supervisors, colleagues and direct reports. Shannon’s assistance with the “nuts and bolts” of attaining career success going forward has also been truly invaluable. . . her energy, creativity, and optimism are contagious."

Human Resources / Attorney

"Shannon was immensely helpful to me in a transitioning period of my life. Her breadth of knowledge and connections motivated and encouraged me to jump start my job search. She is kind, brilliant, and so easy to connect with. Shannon and the Whole U. network have opened so many doors for me professionally and personally!"

Fashion Consultant and Stylist

"After assessing my goals, Shannon set up a development plan that helped me: recommit to a fitness routine, reassess my wardrobe, set up a job search strategy, and network and meet people socially and professionally. I gained confidence in my appearance, while people close to me noticed positive changes. Shannon is a tremendously talented listener, and is always keen to brainstorm on strategy and provide useful insight – drawing on her wealth of experience. There was also a certain ‘magic’ that tended to occur - including many coincidences, realizations, and self-discoveries. Whole U. was not just about ‘finding a job’ . . . but more about insight into my true self, wisdom, and life direction."

Retreat Host (Plant Medicine )

"Whole U. greatly exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend this service to any and all of my friends, family members, and peers! "

Owner, Express Employment Professionals

"Shannon is an excellent communicator, a mentor, and a great friend to me. Her incredible patience and advanced skills to build instant connections with people always amazes me. "

Learning Experience Designer

"The program does a great job of being personalized to the client and that was very helpful for me since I am not that typical when it comes to career/ lifestyle. The process of the program can be applied to any job that I could want in the future, extremely valuable information. I love that I now have access to something that I know will always work for me and my style of learning. I was so excited to come in each week and it felt like a wonderful journey rather than just another task to accomplish. I would absolutely recommend Whole U. to anyone who needs some guidance on not only career, but life in general."


"I have benefited tremendously from Shannon’s capacity to connect people across various fields of interest. In 2007, she introduced me to the Chairman of the World Council of Religious Leaders, which led to my 3-year position as Director of Integral Affairs. Shannon also has an incredible capacity for personal linking. She introduced me to the love of my life who I married in June 2012. Quite obviously, I highly recommend Shannon."

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