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"Our members at Equinox are High-Performers in all aspects of their lives and thrive through our curated fitness and wellness offerings. Their career success is also paramount to living a High-Performance Lifestyle. Shannon's workshop on enhancing one’s professional brand guided each attendee to refresh their LinkedIn profiles, and they left with a new headshot to ensure they make a positive first impression."

Jessica Remes
Regional Events Manager, Equinox (Boston)

"Workbar and General Assembly co-hosted a panel called "Doing More at Work & Life" - focused on the "work/life blur" and how to maintain productivity (and sanity) in a world where boundaries can be non-existent. Shannon served as panelist, and brought excellent insight - drawn from her own experience, a recent silent meditation retreat, and her deep knowledge working with professional clients on their work strategy."

Devin Cole
Head Of Partnerships, Workbar Co-Working Space

"InfluenceHER is a unique program designed to unleash the power of women to lead, grow, and impact businesses. We hired Shannon to meet with several of our InfluenceHER Week conference attendees to discuss their work/life balance and career trajectory. Shannon’s career advising sessions received great reviews from our participants."


"We hosted a panel on "Exploring the Life of a Solo-preneur." Shannon added so much to the conversation, and I look forward to future collaborations."

Sandra Casagrand
Founder/ CEO, Exhale Lifestyle

"What a wonderful career and wellness event! I really took away so much from Shannon's presentation on work/ life balance!"

Workshop @ Economic Mobility Pathways

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