Whole U.™ Resume Review Package

Here's how to book a Whole U. resume session 

(Warning: This is thorough... But you prefer it that way right? :)

- spend one hour making initial edit suggestions to your resume

- e-mail the document back to you for your review. (You can then "accept" or "reject" suggested changes)

  • (Step #7): Speak with an Advisor for one hour (by Skype, ID = "WholeU."). Together we will finalize your resume, so that the content clearly reflects your experience and talents, and highlights your skills and strengths.

At Whole U., we are committed to helping you pursue your life's work.

We look forward to working with you! 


The Whole U. Team

""I went to Whole U. to revise my resume, and learned that there's even more that I can do to help me achieve my goals in job searching - such as visualization, effective goal setting, networking etc. I would consider future sessions to further work on image, and goal setting, and would definitely recommend this service to others." "

- Supraja H.

p.s. If you enjoy your resume session, and would like further advice - you are welcome to come back for more! 


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