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THIS is how I scaled my business . . .

In 2012, I started Whole U. Career & Life Coaching.

For several years I met clients face to face - (in my living room). But when I was planning to have a child, I knew I had to "work smarter" in order to scale! (i.e. I could not keep wasting precious time and money trying to cobble together clunky/ expensive software, with mediocre results - and frequent tech headaches). 

I joined Kajabi in 2018 - the year my daughter London was born (and became my Co-Founder ;) 

I was THRILLED to be introduced to Kajabi - a seamless, integrated system that enabled me to expand my digital reach . . . through online courses, mailings, a membership community - and much more I have yet to learn...

The Pandemic of 2020 made meeting clients in person an impossibility. But with millions losing their jobs, I became even more motivated to support as many job seekers as possible. Kajabi is helping me do that - by giving me tools to build an infrastructure that supports my global network of clients, alumni, students and members.

When I attended two of Kajabi's conference (Irvine California in 2019, and Austin Texas in 2023), I saw first-hand that their team is genuinely kind, helpful, and fun! And that positive energy is infused in their culture, products, and awesome support staff - (who patiently respond to my questions at all hours of the day and night ;) 

Kajabi has helped me transform my business - and life . . . It's exciting to experience this evolution. 

Thank you Kajabi ūüėÄūüôŹ‚̧ԳŹ

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