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Just graduated? Or feel stuck in the wrong job?

The Whole U.® Career Development Mastermind will help you:

Gain Clarity

Determine exactly what you want to do with your career

Build Confidence

Identify your strengths and skills and how you'd like to use them

Find Purpose

Decide who you'd like to impact through your work


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"I came into Whole U. uncertain about many things, but the group mastermind helped me take ownership of my skills and gain the confidence to properly articulate my career passions. The various exercises and weekly group talks were very helpful, and I enjoyed going through the process with other people who were in a similar position of uncertainty. The collaboration and feedback were great, and it has helped me to become better at selling myself. I feel more confident about my elevator pitch and networking abilities. "

Mastermind Alum

5 simple steps to a career that's more . . . YOU!

Program Features:

7 Helpful Guides

14 Interactive Assignments

24 Informative Videos

Community Chat

Format: 5 Weekly Virtual Meetings


Meet via Google Hangout


5 consecutive Mondays - Beginning August 19, 2019


7:30 - 9pm

(Eastern Time, USA)



Want to LOVE your work, achieve extraordinary things, and impact others? . . . (But UNSURE how to take the first step??)


Lifetime Access

Alumni Network

Referral Bonus

Up to $100 for each friend you enroll

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Starts May 4th, 2020!









Ready to discover YOUR life's work ?

Answering Your Questions . . .

"Mastermind" is a term coined by Napoleon Hill, author of the book "Think and Grow Rich." This concept is included to honor each of the participants, and the beauty and "magic" of collective wisdom.

This program is for you, if you: 

  1. Desire more meaningful work, but are unclear what your ideal job is.
  2. Want to discover your passion and true interests.
  3. Need help figuring out how to apply your skills.
  4. Need help with your job search & application materials (cover letter & resume).
  5. Would like to develop your professional brand.
  6. Want to start fresh and start a side business.
  7. Want to stay motivated and interact with like-minded individuals.
  8. Want to improve your networking skills. 
  9. Want to pursue your life's work with confidence.
  10. Are tired of settling for less than what you know you deserve.

The Whole U. Career Development Program has 5 Simple Steps. Through this program, you will learn how to:


  1. Clarify your goals
  2. Identify your skills, strengths, and purpose
  3. Enhance your Professional Tool Kit (Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn)
  4. Communicate with confidence
  5. Develop connections and network effectively


  • Attendance at all 5 meetings is required.
  • It is important to take full advantage of each step in the program, and share, and learn from others.
  • If you know in advance have to miss a session, it is advised that you sign up for the next cycle in which you know you can attend each session.
  • If you have already enrolled for the program, and unforeseen circumstances keep you from attending a class, you can contact the Whole U. Team to request that the session be recorded and sent to you.

If all program spots are taken, you can ask to join the waiting list for the next cycle.

Yes. If you complete each session, and all assignments, and still feel that you have not gained value from the program, you can contact the Whole U. Team to ask for a refund. (You will be asked to answer questions and submit a letter describing why the program did not meet your expectations).

If you don't want to wait . . . there are other options for you to start working with Whole U. sooner.


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