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Pursuing your life's work doesn’t happen overnight... 

Hear how Whole U. clients have transformed their lives and careers, and get inspired to start YOUR journey!

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Real transformation takes time.

Each month, you’ll hear:

  • Real stories of transformation
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • An action plan to implement yourself


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Episode 1:
Caleigh Griffin explains how she went from confusion and insecurity, to finishing a Master's at Harvard.

Meet the Hosts

Shannon O'Brien

Career Strategist

As a career advisor, Shannon supports people on a path to find their ideal work/life balance. She guides episodes with an open mind.

Caleigh Griffin

Self-discovery advocate

Helping others discover their true selves is Caleigh's passion. Her light-hearted approach to mental health gives this serious subject a playful twist. Caleigh is the friend you never knew you needed on your journey to tranquility.