About Whole U.

   If you've ever wanted to take better care of your health, find work that you love, or give back to your community and world . . . Whole U. is here to help you make that life real. 

   Whole U.™ is a career and life strategy consultancy that helps clients develop the clarity, confidence, and connections to pursue their life's work.

   Through advising, workshops and educational media, we encourage and support individuals to live a balanced, purposeful life.

   Ranked on Yelp as #1 Career Coach and #1 Life Coach in Boston (USA) - Whole U. has also served people from 25+ countries around the world - from Japan and Russia, to Colombia and France . . . and beyond!

"Whole U. has totally re-energized me after a series of challenging job situations. Shannon guided me as I reviewed what I enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy) at each previous position and encouraged me to ask for feedback about my job performance from former supervisors, colleagues and direct reports. Shannon’s assistance with the “nuts and bolts” of attaining career success going forward has also been truly invaluable. Shannon’s energy, creativity, and optimism are contagious."

Sandra C

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