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"I was originally looking for resume writing services, and what I found in Whole U. was a full service career coach. My one-on-one time with Shannon was extremely useful. Whole U. was just what I needed at the right time to get me back on track in both life and my career. Shannon was able to get me focused on what I wanted in my career and life goals, and improve the way I market myself. It was a very positive experience."

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In solidarity with those whose lives have been affected during the pandemic, services have been discounted.

* All options include:




✓  Online Course *

✓  Whole U. Insights (Monthly Mailing)

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Resume Review with Shannon

  Online Course *

✓  Advising call with Shannon to review and edit your resume 

✓  Whole U. Insights (Monthly Mailing)

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FULL Branding Package with Shannon

  Online Course *

✓  Resume edits

✓ Cover letter edits

✓  Advising call with Shannon to:

- Review & finalize materials

- Discuss LinkedIn/ Networking 

✓  Whole U. Alumni Network Membership

✓  Whole U. Insights (Monthly Mailing)

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