Whole U.® Career Development Program

Meet in person with Whole U. Founder, Shannon O'Brien - for 5 weekly sessions.

Feel STUCK in a stressful job that’s unfulfilling? 

 Want to love your work, achieve extraordinary things, and impact others?

. . . (But UNSURE how to take the first step??)


I've Been There . . . 

That's why I developed the Whole U.® Career Development Program. 

This 5-step process will help you develop more: 




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Client Testimonial

"I was no longer enjoying the career I had chosen and, consequently, I felt trapped and unhappy in my job. Before Whole U. came into my life, I spent over four years on a seemingly endless journey looking for answers to what I was truly passionate about. Shannon has a different approach than any other career counselor or advising agency I'd been to. For the first time, I felt that someone actually understood what I was going through. I realized that she not only has the skills and connections to facilitate a successful career transition but she's dedicated to helping you look inside yourself and discover what your true passions are. I immediately noticed a transformation in the way I perceive life, and the way I think of myself. I began seeing possibilities where I never imagined there would be. Over the course of the five sessions, I worked on visualizing my ideal job, narrowing down my personal and professional interests, developing a method for writing compelling cover letters and took a professional looking photo for LinkedIn. I am now confident that I have a positive and meaningful direction to go in and concrete steps to take in getting there. Whole U. gave me the creative skills, personal connections and, most importantly, the confidence to believe that I can turn the life I envision into reality."

Lauren J.

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With Whole U. Founder, Shannon O'Brien (in Boston, USA)

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