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"Over the course of the five steps, I worked on visualizing my ideal job, narrowing down my personal and professional interests, developing a method for writing compelling cover letters and took a professional looking photo for LinkedIn. I am now confident that I have a positive and meaningful direction to go in, and concrete steps to take in getting there. Whole U. gave me the creative skills and the confidence to believe that I can turn the life I envision into reality."

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1 x 30 min. Advising Call with Shannon (after completing pre-work for all 5 sessions):


2 payments of



2 x Advising Calls with Shannon (after completing pre-work): 

Session 1:

Clarify ideal job, values, strengths & skills

Session 2:

Enhance Cover Letter & Resume + Improve LinkedIn, Elevator pitch 



2 payments of



5 x Advising Calls with Shannon (after completing pre-work): 

Session 1:

Clarify values + ideal job

Session 2:

Articulate strengths & skills

Session 3:

Enhance Cover Letter & Resume

Session 4:

Improve LinkedIn profile and online brand  

Session 5: 

Clarify elevator pitch & networking strategy


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